SurviCam is a profitable business – One year after RTL Success Story

Nearly one year after SurviCam founders Ronny Beweng and Jens Buch was chosen as a winner of Success Story (the Start-Up competition on RTL Tele Letzebuerg), they are happy to announce that they have beaten the financial forecast they presented to the jury during the competition.

Core Business Growth:

86% of the customer base consists of B2B customers that range from anything such as small retail stores and offices to horse staples and bars. Jens Buch states: ‘The fundament of our business is an extremely robust product and service delivered with excellent customer service. This will remain – it is in our DNA. Our biggest challenge today is to market and communicate this to potential customers’. In order to expand the customer base, SurviCam will continue to attend exhibitions and in 2013 also invest in online marketing efforts.

In Q3 and Q4 of 2012, SurviCam was able to generate significant additional revenue by extending their product range to permit customers to migrate their existing analog systems onto the SurviCam platform. Ronny Beweng states ‘the amount of analog video surveillance systems still in use today is huge. By using our converter, these seemingly out-dated systems can be converted into modern video surveillance systems at a small investment. In times when business owners need to invest carefully, this product is selling very well.’

Additional Earnings Through Innovative Add-On Features:

Next to the core business of video surveillance systems that records in data centers, SurviCam has also introduced ‘add-on’ products that are successfully finding customers.

Ronny Beweng states: ‘Architects, constructors and large corporations have shown strong interest in our time-lapse add-on. This add-on allows videos to be generated in real time which show the evolvement of a construction site or an event over a user-defined period of time’. Large construction sites such as the new headquarters for Creos and Enovos are some of SurviCam’s customers who have chosen to video document the evolvement of their constructions. Radio Energy in Munich, Germany video documented their music event ‘Rock im Park’ with SurviCam’s time-lapse add-on.

Jens Buch states: ‘We are very thrilled about our add-on products. Last month we released our vehicle recognition add-on which is already generating revenue. Our people counting add-on is launching today. These add-ons are able to produce analytical data which is very valuable to the customer. With our add-on products we continue to innovate and deliver to niche markets – the capabilities of video surveillance goes far beyond what most people use it for today.’

Partnerships With Established Businesses:

In 2012, SurviCam was able to enter good and promising partnerships.

The first partnerships were with electronics retailers such as Lineheart – the premium apple reseller in Luxembourg. This has allowed consumers to find SurviCam in prime geographical locations throughout the country.

Luxembourg’s third mobile operator, Orange, was the next partnership. This partnership has allowed SurviCam to deliver their service in geographical locations where there is no DSL and Cable internet connections available. Orange wrote about this in their summer edition of ‘Orange Business Magazine’. With Orange’s launch of their 4G network, SurviCam is an early partner.

SurviCam is in talks with numerous additional potential partners to which Ronny Beweng states: ‘By creating partnerships with strong established companies and organisations in Luxembourg, we are able to show that we are very serious about what we do – we truly value these partnerships’.

For further enquiries, please contact Jens Buch: or +352 621 704040