SurviCam replacement mobile & tablet application guide

Downloading the app:

Use these links to download the apps:

Click here to get the new app from the apple app store (iPhone & iPad users)

Click here to get the new app from android’s google play

Launching the app:

Launch the app you just downloaded:


Add your SurviCam account:

Go to ‘Add’ in the top right hand corner


Enter your SurviCam account details:

  1. Enter a name of your choice for the account.
  2. Enter your SurviCam username (often your email address).
  3. Enter your SurviCam password.
  4. Choose a provider.


Select server from list:

Scroll down to ‘Survicam’ and select it. Then choose save in the top right corner.


Launch Account:

Lauch the account by choosing the name of the account in the list


Use your SurviCam account:

You can now use your SurviCam account like you were used to